WHat we do

Elevate Entertainment is a full- service Hollywood Talent and Literary management firm. Elevate manages a small but strategic client list from all over the world to bring back the true meaning of personal management. By accessing only the highest level of contacts within the TV and Movie industry, it succeeds as one of the most powerful boutique management firms in Hollywood. 

Who we are

Alex Cole founded Elevate Entertainment in 2009 following a decade of working in representation and production. Prior to beginning his career as a manager, Alex discovered the lack of creativity in the relationship between talent and their representatives while working as an actor himself. It was this realization that has made him such an effective manager for his roster of clients. Helming from the UK, Alex has brought on clients from across the globe and represents an array of talent ranging from up-and-comers to major television stars to Oscar nominees. Alex continues to serve as Elevate Entertainment’s President and is thrilled to be ushering in a new development and production slate for the company in 2017.

Jenny Wood is a partner and runs the Literary department of Elevate. After gaining experience in the Motion Picture Literary Department of ICM and in development and production at Blumhouse, Jenny decided to merge her representation and production skills to become a Literary Manager and Producer. She represents a talented list of film makers and writers and works on both developing and packaging clients' material as well as Elevate Films' own projects. 

Stephanie Moy joined Elevate Entertainment in March of 2016 and brought with her a decade’s experience developing talent as a manager. A native of Pittsburgh, she originally moved west to pursue medicine at USC.  After a year, she knew her heart was not in it and serendipitously found a job working for a casting director.  Shortly after, she transitioned into management and combined her passion for the arts along with her care-taking skills.  Her client list includes a plethora of rising stars who have appeared across film and television.

Raquelle David is an Australian producer and literary manager who has worked across film and television for the past nine years. Her multiple film credits have garnered a number of accolades including nominations for Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival, Australian Academy Cinema and Television Arts (AACTA) Award and Screen Producers Australia Award. Raquelle has worked for Goalpost Pictures, Seven Network, Screen New South Wales in Australia and Rhombus Media in Toronto, Canada, under the tutelage of producer Niv Fichman (THE RED VIOLIN, ENEMY, BLINDNESS).